Programmable Thermostats and Other AC Upgrades


Knowing When To Call A Plumberro

There are many people in the world who fancy themselves a “do it yourself” type of person, and there are also those who pride themselves on being conscious of their budget.  This is great when it comes to simple things like making a new craft, painting a simple wall, trying a new budget friendly recipe, […]

3 Reasons Homeowners Choose Exterior Drain Tile

Every homeowner should know the risks water damage may pose to their homes. Even in dry climates, poorly designed drainage systems can allow water to accumulate near the foundation and end up costing thousands of dollars in repairs. Fortunately, exterior drain tile can solve most or all exterior water damage problems, saving homeowners a bundle. […]

How To Prune A Conifer

A conifer is an evergreen tree or shrub which includes species like cypress and juniper. Just like any other plant, a conifer does require occasional pruning in order to remove any dead branches, as well as to maintain control over how large they grow. However, it is important to note that the techniques and pruning […]

Reasons For Using Fiber Cement Siding

If you are thinking about having the siding replaced on your home this spring or summer, you are most likely starting to research the different types of material you can use. One of the most popular siding choices is fiber cement siding. Here is a summary of the benefits you can obtain by using this […]