Programmable Thermostats and Other AC Upgrades


Understanding The Costs Associated With Tuckpointing

Having a fireplace can add value and comfort to your home. Unfortunately, a fireplace that is not well-maintained can quickly become an eyesore and a hazard. If you notice that the mortar holding your home’s fireplace bricks together has started to show signs of wear, it’s time to invest in tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is the process […]

My Roof Is Leaking, What Do I Do?

A residential roofing leak is an emergency that requires a few immediate maintenance steps. Here are some things to do at the first sign of a roofing maintenance issue.  Protect Your Household Items The first step is to move any items that are directly under the leak. You could also be extra cautious and move […]

What Type Of Hardwood Floor Should I Have Installed?

Choosing a hardwood floor involves much more than choosing which type of wood looks best in your rooms. There are different manufacturing types of hardwood flooring and different styles within each one. Each type and style differs based on how it is installed, how much room you need for it and what each style is […]